Friday, August 4, 2006

Bat netting in a muddy slippery jungle

Day 25, Friday, August 4
Tonight we go out bat netting and catch 11 bats, including Myotis keaysi, Myotis albescens, Sturnira ludovici, and a new species for me as well as a new record for the park, Enchisthenes hartii (Velvety fruit-eating bat). The six bat nets we have set out are pretty far apart. Bat netting in the tropics is really a lot more work than I've ever done in Arizona. I can't believe how much effort goes into capturing these 11 bats, the hiking is so steep and muddy, each time we check the nets is quite an effort. I am happy that I only have one more night of hiking ahead. This terrain is unforgiving and incredibly difficult to work in. The trails are pure mud and slide, steep, difficult to access, and after just a couple checks of the nets I am tired. Fortunately, the nets aren’t so busy and an hourly check suffices. Also our camp is not too far away, compared to the mile or so we were hiking to get to the sites in Buenos Aires.

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