Sunday, September 28, 2008

black tailed prairie dogs - on the move

Arizona's black tailed prairie dog translocation project is underway. We are preparing to trap prairie dogs at Ted Turner's Ladder Ranch, near Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. For the next several days, we'll continue the "pre-baiting" phase, which involves baiting traps and allowing the prairie dogs to get used to entering the traps without getting caught. The bait consists of a mixture of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sweet oats. After about a week of pre-baiting, the traps will be set and the dogs will be caught within a couple days (theoretically). The traps we use are called "live traps" because they don't cause harm. 

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Ezekiel Barzillai Smythe said...

Thanks for posting this blog; it's really interesting! I like bats and when I was a kid, there was a whole family that used to hang from the rafters of my house during hot weather.