Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Atlanta layover

Day 1, Tuesday July 11 A grueling layover in Atlanta. My flight left Phoenix around 11 PM last night, and I arrived in Atlanta at about 5:30 AM local time. What to do for my 5 hour layover? Note to self: never spend 5 hours in an airport without some sort of pullover in case the air is set to a temperature that favors keeping perishables from spoiling. I was miserably cold and tired and tried to sleep next to a big window for warmth at the gate. When I arrived in San Pedro Sula I immediately met a couple others that had also arrived for the OpWall expedition. We were taken by shuttle to the Copantl Hotel. I checked in and rode the elevator to my fourth floor room. Basic and nice. I did some emailing, checked out the cheesy offerings at the gift shop, and went to bed early and without dinner. I felt deliriously tired, and slept for 12 hours to make up for the overnight flight and long airport lag.

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