Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Packing for a fly camp

Day 16, Wednesday, July 26 today I move on to Guanales Camp, a “fly camp” that is accessed by a trek. I’m half packed, some things are still in limbo and I’m waiting for Sergio to appear before make final decisions. Packing light is most important. I have a couple tshirts, couple pants, my warm gear and snow leopard and journal. I am waiting to the last minute to pack away my computer and camera. I’m always a bit nervous about leaving things, but no one seems to bother with all the gear everywhere out here. So my question is do I leave it looking inconspicuous in my large backpack or leave it in the office. I’ll probably leave it in the office.

It is getting on in the afternoon and Sergio has yet to make an appearance. I wonder if we may wait until tomorrow to go to the next camp. I’m spending my time studying the neotropical bat accounts in my field guide and am also exploring online business opportunities and writing contests. Also, I’d like to work on an online dog fun guidefor the Phoenix area. It will include a critique of dog parks in the phoenix area, as well as best patio places to take your dog and other places that allow dogs. I will include pictures and other useful info, including info on doggy day care. It will be fun gathering the information with Baloo.

Not moving on today afterall. That’s okay, it means I have the rest of the afternoon to read and write. Tomorrow will be eventful, moving me closer to the weekend.

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