Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Leaf-chinned bats, family Mormoopidae

Leaf-chinned bats, family Mormoopidae – recognized by thickened and flared lips with one or more folds of skin below the lower lip. Slim-bodied bat with long, narrow wings and an extensive tail membrane. Fast and agile fliers that capture insect prey in flight. The large lips are flared to form a megaphone for emitting echolocation calls. Large, humid caves are preferred roost sites. 2 genera (mormoops and pteronotus) and 8 species.
Pteronotus parnellii - the common mustached bat; not too much is known about this bat's habits. It is known to roost in large, humid caves, and is often found with other Mormoopids (not to be confused with "moops" the trivia question answer on the "bubble boy" episode of Seinfeld). I was in a huge cave in Tamaulipas, Mexico which had about a million ghost-faced bats (mormoops) as well as quite a few of these mustached bats.

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