Monday, July 17, 2006

rolling dung to the sound of hideous frogs

Day 7, Monday, July 17 No netting tonight, I go to retrieve the nets from last night, and get poured on. I stand under a tree, which doesn’t keep me dry but is surprisingly effective. Sharon, the dung beetle researcher, with help from Myles a herp volunteer, are rolling little dung balls to bait Sharon’s pitfall traps. I will see these dung rolls at each camp, but here, the dung is fresh, collected by one of the guides who has a horse that can supply endless fresh dung. I have gotten used to the cold shower at El Paraiso. My routine is to shower after a night of bat netting. I return late, but am always hot, sweating, and happy for a cold shower. There are frogs somewhere in the village that have an obnoxious call that goes on all night. The sound is hideous.

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